New Facebook Page!


Wow, I’m bowled over by the response to this blog!  I started two days ago and almost 300 people have viewed the blog from ten different countries!  I really can’t take any credit for it.  I’m just the monkey sharing these brilliant stories, written over 125 years ago, as it just feels right that they should be shared. I really hope you enjoy reading them.

Just to help spread the word I have set up a facebook page to so please feel free to like it, share it and leave comments.  If you have never read any of these books they cover a huge variation of places and subjects so if you have any requests for stories from a particular area (obviously in the Northeast) please let me know and I will see if there is anything close.  So please come and check it out here

I am also on twitter @jpmorton82 so please feel free to get in touch!

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