Vol 5 – No. 48 – February 1891 – Sunderland Bridge

The Monthly Chronicle for November, 1887 contained an account of the bridge over the Wear at Sunderland which was constructed and erected by Rowland Burdon in the year 1796. The total cost of the structure was 40,000. Of this sum 30,000 was advanced by Mr. Burdon, at 5 per cent, interest, on security of tolls, while the remaining fourth was raised by subscription on loan. Owing to adverse pecuniary circumstances, the shares held by Mr. Burdon were afterwards offered for sale. As there was no prospect of realising by this means, it was determined to sell Mr. Burdon’s interest in the bridge by means of a lottery. All the circumstances in connecion therewith are fully detailed in the Monthly Chronicle for June, 1889, p. 254. The foundation stone of Sunderland Bridge was laid on September 18, 1795, the bridge being opened to the public on August 8, 1796. An Act of Parliament was obtained in 1857 for the renovation of the bridge, which was carried out under the superintendence of Robert Stephenson. An additional interest is attached to the drawing which we now present to our readers from the fact that it includes a view of the railway bridge which also spans the Wear.

Sunderland Bridge

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