Vol 1 – No. 7 – September 1887 – Making Money

In a public house just outside Newcastle, a few weeks ago, a conversation took place between some men present as to a certain individual in the neighbourhood who had made a good sum of money, “nebody knaad hoo”.  Geordie Muffin was asked if he knew the party in question, and if he could account for so much money being “myed oot o’nowt” “Yis”, answered Geordie, “aa knaad him varry weel”.  He was a queer man an’could myek money oot o’nowt.  Aa knaw for a fact, myets, that he used to gan to Newcassel an’ buy spades for haaf-a-croon, an’ sell ’em for eighteenpence, and then myek a profit”.  There was a pause, when suddenly Geordie added: “Yis, ‘caas the beggor nivvor paid for ’em!”

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