Northeastlore is One Year Old Today!

Hi!  Northeastlore is one year old today so I thought I’d reflect a little on what has happened over the last twelve months.  As I said in my first blog, I can’t claim any credit for the content of this blog but I really enjoy sharing these stories and I am thrilled that so many people like reading them.  They give such a human perspective to the history of the North East of England.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to have a look, like and share.  Doing this blog has also put me in touch with some amazing people and opened doors to exciting new things to come (announcements soon I hope)!

As someone who is a self confessed and unashamed geek I am fond of the odd statistic, so  I thought I would share a few of the facts and figures to let you know how Northeastlore has gotten on this year.

  • We’ve posted 91 blogs covering everything from fatal balloon crashes to the streets of Newcastle
  • 3,764 people have visited
  • The blogs have attracted 10,511 views
  • We have 726 followers through Facebook (, Twitter () and WordPress
  • We have had visitors from 42 countries (which blows my mind a little bit!).  See the map below.


So after that, I’d just like to say a huge THANK YOU again.  I’ll keep blogging as much as I can and we’ll see what stories there are to tell in the next year.

J P Morton

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