Thanks Again!

Thank you (again) to everyone who has read, liked and shared these stories. I’m really enjoying posting these. As always, your feedback is much appreciated. 

I hope you don’t mind but I’ll be concentrating on a single topic over the next couple of weeks or so – “The Streets of Newcastle”. There’s about 30 articles so it’ll keep me going for a bit. Sorry to all the Sunderland people…….you’ll get your fix soon! Hope you like them.

One thought on “Thanks Again!

  1. Hi, just had a read through your Newcastle Streets article. My great great grandmother was born in Fleece Court, Gallowgate, Newcastle. Do you have any photos of that building/street. I located the 1851 Electoral register in Newcastle City library and the units of Fleece Court rang from 1 – 13. There was also a stone mason in the wards directory who’s address was 12 Fleece Court. I cannot find any photos of this building – any tips would be grateful.



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