A journey along the River Tyne around 1830

The following images are the reproduced engravings of J.W. Carmichael (1800 – 1868) which depict views of places along the River Tyne from Bardon Mill to Tynemouth.  They were re-published in the 1969 book “Pictures of Tyneside” (which I found in a second hand book shop for a fiver!).  The original copper plates from the first edition in 1830 were found in 1966 from which these prints were taken.  They beautifully depict everyday life at various location along the Tyne.  With the advent of photography this wonderful art form went into decline.

1 Bardon Mill
Bardon Mill
2 Beaufront
3 Dilston
4 Aydon Castle
Aydon Castle
5 View from Bywell Castle
View from Bywell Castle
6 Bywell from the River
Bywell from the River
7 Prudhoe
8 Ryton
9 Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle upon Tyne
10 Gateshead
11 Gateshead
12 Sandgate Shore
Sandgate Shore
13 North Shore
North Shore
14 North Shore
North Shore
15 Ascension Day
Ascension Day
16 Dent's Hole
Dent’s Hole
17 Dent's Hole
Dent’s Hole
18 View from St. Anthony's
View from St. Anthony’s
19 Felling Boat Landing
Felling Boat Landing
20 Bill Reach
Bill Reach
21 Walker Quay
Walker Quay
22 Carville Shore
Carville Shore
23 Willington Quay and Howdon
Willington Quay and Howdon
24 Jarrow
25 West Entrance to Shields Harbour
West Entrance to Shields Harbour
26 North Shields, Peggy's Hole
North Shields, Peggy’s Hole
27 North Shields
North Shields
28 North Shields
North Shields
29 North Shields
North Shields
30 North Shields
North Shields
31 Tynemouth Priory
Tynemouth Priory
32 Tynemouth Cliffs
Tynemouth Cliffs
33 Tynemouth Bar
Tynemouth Bar



6 thoughts on “A journey along the River Tyne around 1830

  1. My father, Peter Bottomley ARE ARCA, then a lecturer at Newcastle and credited on the back sleeve of the book, cleaned and printed these engravings for publication in 1966.


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